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This Extra Virgin Sweet Almond Oil is 100% cold pressed, natural and organic, making it a truly pure and nourishing product. It works as a great moisturiser for skin and hair. Additionally, it can help to prevent stretch marks and protect against sun damage. Sweet Almond Oil is also known to promote heart health. With all these amazing benefits, this Extra Virgin Sweet Almond Oil is a must-have for your lifestyle

Extra Virgin Sweet Almond Oil | 200ml

SKU: 0004
  • For Hair

    - The primary benefit of sweet almond oil is as a sealant and hair protector .

    - Saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids form 71% of the fatty acids found in sweet almond oil.

    - It makes hair bright, shiny and silky looking.

    - Apply to dry or damaged hair to reawaken the weak ends .


    For Skin

    - Deep Cleansing: Sweet Almond Oil penetrates deep in the skin to dislodge the dirt and debris.

    - Prevents Sun Damage: Sweet Almond Oil has a high concentration of antioxidant vitamins.

    - Treats Skin Conditions

    - Removes Dark Circle 

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