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The Lavender & Chamomile Facial Toning Mist is made with steam distillation of 100% pure and organic  flowers, providing a wonderfully scented facial mist. It rehydrates, tones, and refreshes the skin, while removing pollutants from the face. Its cool and refreshing feeling will leave your face feeling toned and fresh. It's ideal for those looking to invigorate their skin with a natural, luxury product.

Lavender & Chamomile Facial Toning Mist

SKU: 0063
  • A refreshing facial toning mist blended with a harmony of Lavendar and Chamomile flowers to rehydrate, tone and nourish the skin. This toning mist is cooling for the skin and minimizes large pores

    TSO Lavendar and Chamomile Facial Toning Mist also aids in promoting calmness and reduce stress and anxiety.

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