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Lazy To Workout. Here's a hack to stay fit.

7 ways a lazy person can keep in shape!

1. Sit in Vajrasana

This yoga easy to do yoga pose is extremely effective for your digestive system. A health and clear system keeps the stomach flat. It also strengthens of the legs and back.

2. No water during meals

Water is extremely essential. True.  Make sure to drink loads of it all through the day. But don’t drink water during and 30 mins post your meal it causes the stomach to bloat!

If you must, warm water with cinnamon helps cut out the urge of dessert or any herbal tea is the right way to do it.

3. Walk  A 100 steps after dinner

Dinner must be over by 8pm latest and a no carb diet is great to compliment it. But walking 100 steps is of grave importance. It is very necessary to walk at least a 100 or more steps after dinner. This helps in digesting your food and contributes to better sleep at night. For all you lazy bones, make sure you walk a 100 steps after every meal. Do not lay down straightaway!

4. Ginger, Lemon & Honey

Start & end your day with a hot glass of ginger and lemon. Along with its various medicinal benefits, Ginger combats any stomach problems and keeps the digestive system healthy.  Lemon is known to be a natural de-greaser, the best thing to have after an oily and greasy meal. Take out some lemon juice in the shot glass and down it with a pinch of salt. And we all know Honey is great for the skin! Boil it all together or have them individually in hot water. It works wonders.

5. Finding it hard to get out bed, burn calories in bed

For all those who love lying in bed and doing ‘not much’. In intervals lay with your legs up on the wall, this puts pressure on your abs hence toning it slowly. This also helps in blood circulation and strengthens the muscles around the buttocks.

6. Eat right & avoid canned and packaged food

Avoid junk food. Your body is your temple; treat it right with the right kind of food. Add a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, coconut water to your daily diet. Switch to organic and whole wheat. Most of us already do this, just a reminder. Finish your dinner by 8pm.

7. Dance

Get in your room, Lock the door, and blast your favouritemusic – and simply DANCE (no one’s watching!). There is no better workout than dancing, it moves every muscle! Let out all the stress, jumps throw your hands right back in the air and breathe free. Dance till you feel the sweat trickling down your spine.

Have Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Queen and Dinner like Jack. Working out every day for an hour and sleeping at the right time all aid to a healthier you!

There is no substitute for making a healthy lifestyle, the above are aiding factors

For all those who feel they just can’t control their eating habits, here’s a fun fact. The colour blue is said to suppress appetite. Do try it and let us know if it works, in the comment box below! :D

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