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6 ways to use Fullers earth multani Mitti for different skin types

What is Multani Mitti?

Multani mitti is a mineral-rich clay-like substance that gets its name from its city of origin, Multan in modern day Pakistan. With a texture that’s much finer than clay and with a higher water content, Multani mitti is known for decolorizing oil and other liquids without harsh adverse reactions.

It’s composed of hydrated aluminum silicates and is rich in magnesium chloride and calcium bentonite, a composition similar to bentonite clay. It’s found in a large range of natural colors like brown, green, and white.

Multani mitti is known as fuller’s earth in English for its historic use by textile workers known as “fullers.”

According to Ayurveda - “Princesses and affluent women in Indian history always had a stash of Multani mitti along with sandalwood paste and gram flour, which they used for beauty treatments.”

A prime destination on the silk route, traders brought home Multan’s clay-like soil, and women used it extensively on their skin and hair at that time.

During World War II, fuller’s earth was mixed with water and applied to feet to reduce inflammation.

Why is Multani Mitti good for skin?

Fullers Earth Multani Mitti is a natural skin cleansing agent that helps remove excess sebum & dirt from the pores of our skin. It not only brightens the skin but also reduces pigmentation spots , treats sunburns & skin rashes. Multani Mitti's antiseptic properties help in keeping acnes away also leaving the skin fresh & supple.

6 ways to use Fullers Earth Multani Mitti as a Face Pack

1. For Oily Skin:

Ingredients :

Fullers Earth Multani Mitti


Sandalwood & Saffron Powder

Add 1 tb spoon of Fullers Earth to a bowl, add water & honey or aloe vera gel to form a smooth consistent paste. Apply evenly over face & neck. Let it dry & wash off. Repeat this twice a week for even, supple & brighter skin tone.

2. For Pigmentation:


Fullers Earth Multani Mitti

Avocado & vitamin E face oil

Grated papaya

Mix the three ingredients to form a smooth paste face pack, apply on affected areas or full face and neck. Leave the pack on till it dries and rinse off with room temperature water.

Repeat this twice or three times a week to see a difference.

3. For Discolouration:


Fullers Earth Multani Mitti

Carrot Pulp or potato juice or tomato juice

Olive Oil

Mix all the above ingredients to make a paste, apply all over your face & neck ( you can also use this pack on your underarms, elbows & knees) apply for 15 minutes or till the pack dries. Apply 4 times a week for results to show.

4. For Normal Skin


Fullers Earth Multani Mitti



Mix all three ingredients to make a consistent paste apply all over face & neck. leave face pack on till it dries, rinse with water. follow up with face toner & moisturiser or face oil.

5. For Skin Detox Mask


Coconut oil

Fullers Earth Multani Mitti

Cinnamon Powder

Mix 2 table spoons of Cold Pressed Coconut oil to your multani mitti, with 1 tspoon of cinnamon powder. Stir to make a paste and apply evenly on your face & neck. Leave on for 10-15 minutes & rinse off. Follow it up with a Three Sisters Organics Lavender & Chamomile Facial toning mist and Avocado & Vitamin Facial detox oil.

6. Skin Tightening & Brightening




Multani Mitti

Take 1 beaten egg, add 1 tbspoon of Yogurt & multani mitti ( 2 pumps of Cold Pressed ) Avocado or olive oil if your skin is dry) . Whip up to make a paste & apply evening on your face & neck. Keep it on for 10 - 15 mins and rinse off. See the glow instantly.

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